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Override Connector.Edit and Content.SummaryAdminConnector

Jul 28, 2011 at 5:46 AM

First let me say that the Mechanics Module has been a godsend for me, excellent work!

I´m fairly new to the whole Orchard scene so please bear with me.  Is there any simple way I can override how connector item list displays inside a content item when editing? I'm getting empty summarys on the right-hand side of the checkboxes for simple content items, I would expect at least the title of the item to display so I can sea what I am selecting. On the other hand I would like to restrict what is displayed for more complex items since the list can get very bloated. I've seen in the source code that the Connector.Edit and Content.SummaryAdminConnector are the templates that render the lists, How can I override these templates?

I hope I was discriptive enough for you to understand what I am trying to say. Thanks in advance!

Oct 14, 2011 at 3:38 PM

Sorry for not responding to this sooner (it's quite a complex question). It's entirely possible to do this, and I do it for the existing examples (e.g. the Cartography menu). I'm pretty sure the RoutePart should be displaying in edit view (although I should double check this). Which version of things are you using - the latest version here on Codeplex is greatly improved over the current Orchard gallery versions, I am just finalising support for draftable connectors and then a proper new release will be available.