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This additional feature of Mechanics essentially allows you to paperclip connected items to different layout zones (instead of rendering in the Content zone along with the left-hand item).
To use this, simply add the PaperclipPart to a connector type (not to a sockets type).
Expanding on the products/categories example from the Mechanics page:
  1. Create a new content type called "ProductToRelatedProduct". Give it the ConnectorPart. Specify "Product" for both left and right allowed content. Specify ProductToRelatedProduct also as the inverse.
  2. Add the PaperclipPart to this new content type. Specify "AsideSecond:1" for DefaultPlacement.
  3. Now create some new products. Select some related products.
  4. When you view a product, a list of related products will display in the right-hand aside column.

The Cartography theory project demonstrates an excellent example of using Paperclips to display a menu in the Navigation zone.

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