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Overview of Modules

Here is a brief overview of the entire suite of Science Project modules and links to further documentation.

Mechanics v0.9.9

This module allows you to create arbitrary many-to-many relationships (connectors) between content items (sockets). This is very much a core feature of the entire Science Project and the key to unlocking the true potential of Orchard!
  • Mechanics; core Sockets and Connectors feature
  • Plumbing; provides an entirely new routing system (to replace RoutePart) with more flexible URL generation and extra features designed for connected content
  • Paperclips; lets you push Sockets to different zones for display
  • Impulses; replaces the ControlWrapper with a positionable shape, to which you can also add your own links and granular customizations

Quanta v0.7.1

Builds on the Users model of Orchard allow much more fine-grained control over permissions, moderation, and other aspects.
  • Effectors; allows you to effect Users Roles over specific content items per user
  • Quotas; for controlling numbers of items users are allowed to create
  • Signalling; for creating mail notifications on content events

Origami v0.8

Provides additional infrastructure to shape building and editor / update composition. Used heavily by Mechanics for composing extensible UI for editing sockets and connectors. Provides a system very similar to Orchard's drivers, but for any type of model - not just content items - and also supports sub-editors with concatenated prefixes.


This will provide extensible data wrappers for drag-and-drop, AJAX, and other client scripting scenarios.
Not yet available!


This is a set of sample implementations of a number of systems built using Mechanics and the other features. They are divided into separate projects for clarity (otherwise we'd end up with Views mixed together from different features, as well as certain concerns over dependencies).
These are not really intended as complete implementations, more starting points or templates for you to build out from to implement your specific business domain.
  • Cartography v0.9; shows you how to easily build hierarchical menus and add them to display, just by defining some content items, implementing a small amount of code, and overriding some templates.
  • Economics; the basis of an ecommerce website with products, categories and product images (using Media Garden to produce the Image content for the connectors).
  • Identity; demonstrates advanced user profile building, allowing multiple contact details for a single user.
  • Relativity; the intention of this project is to combine Gravity and Mechanics to allow drag-and-drop creation of connections.

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