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Orchard.Alias integration

Nov 18, 2011 at 1:10 PM

Since I'm doing some work on the new Alias and Autoroute features for Orchard 1.4 ( I've been also integrating Mechanics: Plumbing as a testbed for the new functionality.

There's now an "alias" branch in the Science Project repository that experimentally uses Alias to perform the path routing (instead of the old method which used an IRouteConstraint very similar to the one in the old Orchard.Core.Routable). This branch will only work with my fork of Alias which is here: It's mostly integrated and working nicely now, although you need to run the console command plumbing generate to generate Aliases for existing content. New and edited content will have Aliases automatically generated when published.

The Home Page checkbox no longer works as expected - you need to go into Alias UI (which is a separate feature) and edit an alias to set a blank path if you want to change the homepage.

I doubt anyone will be using this new version yet but I just wanted to document the changes somewhere in case anyone wondered what the new branch was!