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Learning Orchard CMS

May 24, 2011 at 5:29 AM


   Thanks for this contribution.  How have you gained so much knowledge about the core architecture of Orchard CMS?  From a developer's perspective, it's been difficult to get a firm grasp of all the design principles and philosophies used to build the system.  There's no true API documentation that I know of, so it's difficult to gauge what code is intended to do what.  All documentation and videos are geared for non-developers.  I find myself just trying to blindly copy other implementations instead of getting a handle on the "why" of it all.  How have you learned the system?  Have you just stared at the code for a long time until it all clicked?

May 24, 2011 at 11:32 AM

Before I started using Orchard I basically spent months trying to write my own modular CMS engine from scratch. A lot of concepts in Orchard were things I'd been thinking about myself for quite a long time! In some cases their solutions are frighteningly close to how I'd been trying to approach it. So I think that really helped me understand the code. Of course I've also learnt a lot from reading the forums, and articles by Bertrand et al; but mostly it's been a case of following through their code and seeing how things fit together. Parts of it have been really hard to understand, and comments are practically non-existent, so I can see how difficult it could be if you're not used to looking at this type of system. The really complicated bit is the whole shapes / dynamic composition system, and once you understand that everything else starts fitting into place.